Retcon Haul 2023

Got hold of

Ironfist – Euro figure (Thanks Johan B)
VNR Volvo Prime (thanks Tele Toys)
Minerva Legacy (Thanks Tele Toys)
Sunstreaker (original) ( Thanks Johan B)
Shockwave G1 – Thanks Johnny
Retcon 2023 Cards (Thanks Cobra Commander aka Gustaf S)
Dai Atlas & Grand Max PVC figures (Thanks Norway aka Jörgen W)
Robo Cassette Norweigan Toycon exclusive figure (thanks Jörgen W)
LEGO An124 (thanks Jörgen W)
Deftwing Weapon (thansk Marcus A)
RiD Rotor & Rollbar MOSC (Thanks Johan B)
WreckGar weapon (thanks Martin L)
+ more stuff big thanks to thoose Ive forgotten by name…