06APR20 Hong Kong

little shopping in Hong Kong

Devastator Encore 20A Anime version, Takara reissue

Slugslinger Targetmaater Original,

Shattered Glass Optimus Prime

Shopping HK

Did a little shopping in HK and from Japan.

Also my computer went dead so thats one big reason Im not updating website either.. I do have a lot of photos and videos to edit and then post.

Finally got GoShooter,although not perfect but complete with box and card.

Fanstoys FT28 Hydra / Sixshot.

Updating website

Im in the middle of transfering the content from my stefanaero.se to the new Transformers Site transformers.stefanaero.se so it will take some time to get everything up to date. In the meantime just have a look at the videos and content at stefanaero.se