2000 Jafcon Black Convoy

Finally found one

Finally got hold of a non KO version of a Black Optimus Prime thats the Jafcon Black Optimus Prime. Limited to 800 pieces and was sealed beforer I opened it (who wants MISB TF, thats no good TFs then…. 😀 )

He got a Black goldish plastic while the Diecast cab was in black. Orange tinted window.

Once I get back to Sweden Ill make an VS comparison between the KO and the real one.

This was based on the first reissue Optimus Prime that came out 2000 to celebrate Takaras 15th TF birthday (TF in Japan was relased 1985) and they made this Black Convoy for the Jafcon meeting.

2000 Black JAFCON Convoy

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